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Why DB Schenker

Our staff speak for us!

Who can describe life at DB Schenker better than our staff? Here you can read what DB Schenker staff have to say about life at DB Schenker.

Tobias Patz

My name is Tobias, I joined Schenker AG, the Head Office of DB Schenker, in Essen, Germany in early 2015 as an intern in Recruiting and HR Development. During that time, I was responsible for our international internship program and functioned as the main contact person for internal and external internship issues. Furthermore, I was involved in several global talent management projects such as the redesign of our global performance and potential process and the setup of our mentoring programs. After my internship, I had the opportunity to stay as a working student in the Global Talent Management department. 

In 2016, I moved to Ho Chi Minh City for five months to work for Schenker Vietnam. There I worked in the HR department, mainly focusing on HR development topics. For me personally the time I spent in Vietnam was a great experience during which I could deepen my understanding of our global company and enhance both my intercultural and work-related skills. 

After my stay in Vietnam I returned to Germany, where I am currently working in the Global Talent Management department at Schenker AG. In the Head Office, the working language is English and the chance to meet someone from a different country is quite high.

I enjoy working on global topics in an international and dynamic environment. Where else can you have an impact on topics relevant for the entire company in coordination with decision-makers on all continents?

Besides the international work environment I like the collegial atmosphere and the supportive and respectful interaction with my colleagues. Over time, colleagues turned into friends and we spend time together not only at work but also after work and on the weekends.
For me working in logistics is a great place to work as I am passionate about everything related to aviation. Whenever I get the chance to visit one of our cargo terminals I take it. In the future, I can imagine working in a Spanish speaking country, preferably somewhere in the Americas.

Quan-Wei Ng

My name is Quan-Wei Ng. I grew up in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. In 2008, I came to Germany for my tertiary education. At the end of Dec 2013, after my graduation from the University of Duisburg-Essen, I joined DB Schenker Head Office as an intern in the Human Resource department. As the internship would only last 6 months, I already begun looking for the next stone to step on. It was at this moment that I was introduced to the trainee programme of DB Schenker, aptly named, Talent@DB Schenker Logistics. What greatly attracted me was the exposure afforded by the programme, namely, the chance to work in different departments and different countries. Trying my luck, I sent in my application and it was duly accepted. In April 2014, I began the new phase of my career in the company as a trainee. 

In the 18-months as a Talent@DB Schenker Logistics, I started exactly where I left off during the internship – in Human Resource (HO) in the exact same team and doing the same task as the internship. For the 6 months overseas deployment, I chose Land Transport, Finance and Air Freight in the UK, before finally coming back to Essen to join the Continuous Improvement team in Contract Logistics.

As I came towards the end of my traineeship, I decided that I want to continue my career development in DB Schenker due to the broad international perspective the company offers, the opportunity to introduce my own ideas and also the warm relationships with the colleagues. Subsequently, I was offered a permanent position in the awesome team of Performance Monitoring in Contract Logistics as a Logistics Project Controller, which I gladly accepted.

Within less than 1.5 years of being in the team, I had the privilege of being part of the HEAL assignment in Shanghai, the Post-Completion Review in Poland, and also many difference-making tasks at home in Essen, making waking up every day in the morning a breeze.

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